The Secret to Never Growing Old! 

This is very good to read.

Betcha Didn't Know!

Hello! I want to share a secret! A lot of us like a juicy secret, right. Can you keep a secret?😊 Okay, then here it is! 😄I have the key to youth! I can’t promise you’ll turn from looking 50 to 30, but it can give you a tremendous glow, and take some years off your life mentally, and physically! I’ve noticed that people who love life, and live their purpose, age very gracefully. Thire attitude towards life is their fountain of youth. They don’t go through life crying, whining, and feeling sorry for themselves. They don’t constantly cry about each birthday that go by. They don’t claim old age. No, they stay busy, and live each day like they are 21 forever! They never say they are too “old” for something. The word “old” is the forbidden word!

Living your life purpose is what keeps one going! A great…

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