Be glad to see others shine

If another is doing great,
Why not acknowledge it;
I will not envy anyone;
I will not be jealous of you;
I will try to learn from you
To improve my grades;
If I can’t beat you,
I will accept you are better;
That you are more talented;
And that’s your gift
From God;
Which is very normal;
What is the use being jealous;
Always there will be people
More talented than you;
Always, there will be people
Who will shine more than you;
Always, there will be people
Who will run faster than you;
Not your doing;
But God’s doing;
So dear friend, don’t envy another;
Don’t be jealous;
It won’t help you the least;
Instead, it will hurt you.
Allow people to shine;
Be glad to see others shine;
Help and encourage others to shine;
Celebrate with those who win;
And give them genuine compliments;
Maybe your own day will come.
Keep working hard;
And you will be happy when others
Are happy about it,
And celebrate with you;
Let’s do to others what we like others
To do to us.

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