Goddess (Reprise)

When you walk in a room
As dead as a tomb
Till small talk resume
You stick out

Got something to say
In your own unique way
They don’t think it’s okay
You stick out

They dress like each other
Each preference smother
You dress like you’d ruther
No doubt

Too much of a cutie
Your comfort and beauty
Their self-bound drab duty
Do flout

Happy with their limits
Their act-alike minutes
Those look-alike dimwits
Of course they will pout

If someone with color
Who lives a life fuller
And makes theirs look duller
Comes messing about

Who walks with a prancing
Looks like they’re dancing
Not chained to romancing
Some lout

Gurl don’t be sad
Adventures you’ve had
Relax and be glad
You stick out


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