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How to cope with a long distance relationship: the (long) guide from someone who’s been doing it since 2015 and is still almost sane.

Let’s be honest, being in a long distance relationship sucks big time. Who wants to be indefinitely away from the person they love? No one that’s who. However, we’ve gotta be grateful that it is 2018 and WhatsApp voicenotes, Instastories and Skype help facilitate communication over long distances and potentially different time zones or high-cost roaming charges. All hail the internet. Gone are the days where you used to say “I’ll use my phone less at night so I get a better night sleep” because your phone is pretty much always by your side because you want to talk to your other half and have to somehow coordinate time to talk among your separate work schedules. It’s tough, there’s no doubt about it. But there are…

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