Power With (Reprise)

So long as you believe one person must
Dread power over others exercise
You cannot help it — you will be unjust
True power is created otherwise

But seldom is it that force is required
In action or demeanor, or in speech
Make yourself but respected and admired
More potent states of influence to reach

Though force applied inappropriately
Might get you some small part of what you want
It brings along such future misery
So many ghosts, ones happiness to haunt

Discriminating ‘twixt the two necessities
And erring, if we err, toward love’s side
We build ensuing days our hearts will please
And family to introduce with pride

Myself, I mean to you nothing but well
Nor aught suggestion ever seek to give
No present insight ever try to tell
But makes it easier for all to live

Together in productive harmony —
I would not at expense of anyone
A selfish motivation ever see;
Considerate of what may be begun

To inconvenience another here
Before I venture any statement make —
You may receive it without so much fear
I’m trying anything from you to take

Perhaps there others be with whom you go
Whom reasons make for you to forceful be
(Though not as many as you present know)
But ‘twixt us there is no necessity

For inconsideration large or small
I do assure you, it is not a myth:
True leadership for benefit of all
Consists not in “pow’r over” but “pow’r with”