Righteous Injustice

A situation begs analysis
There seem to be several points of view
We beg a moment’s contemplation for
Establishment of what be false, what true

Then as we its complexities review
Truly assiduously as we may
Attempting understanding fully gain
Solutions which will best carry the day

How do we know when we have thusly come
To inner place full understanding of?
‘Tis when we can see each participant,
Without exception, with genuine love

When we love someone, we see why they do
Something to which some other might object
Objectionable it may be indeed
But love at least gives it its right respect

In crediting its motivation as
Legitimate as any other be:
When we have thought enough, we know because
Each person’s motivation clear we see

Then, and not until then, at last we are
Fully equipped justice contribute to
Because we have shed every prejudice
Which self righteous injustice leads unto