You must fight

You must fight;
Yes,you nust fight;
Whether you like it or not,
You must fight;
If you are not
The fighting type,
You must change;
Whether you
Like it or not,
You must fight;
No two ways about it;
You must fight;
Ours is a fighting
You must learn to fight;
To make it, in any field,
You must fight;
To make it big,
You must fight;
Even just to survive,
You must fight.
If you don’t fight,
Sorry for you;
You will be
Mercilessly beaten;
You will be beaten
Hands down;
You will be crushed;
So,my friend,
You have no choice;
Or if at all you have
A choice,
It is only one choice;
You must fight;
And fight real hard.
And the fighting we mean
Is hard work;
Struggle to win;
Persist when it’s hard;
To keep going,
Even if you are crying;
That is the fighting
We are talking about.
You must fight.