If it were left to me

If it were left to me
Everybody would succeed;
Not only succeed;
If there’s one thing
That saddens me,
It is seeing people
Struggling in vain;
Working hard for nothing;
Why can’t everybody succeed?
Why can’t everybody shine?
Why can’t everybody be happy?
We humans have constructed
An evil world;
It’s not what the creator
Meant it to be;
We have the obligation
To remake the world
As intended by its author;
A place of love not hate;
A place of abundance not scarcity;
A place of sharing, not greed;
A place of happiness not sadness;
A place of enjoyment not suffering;
Some just cannot continue
To cut others’ throats;
To exploit, cheat, suppress
And dehumanize others.
This has to stop;
In any case,
If it were left to me
This would stop now.