Important Writing Question

I have not written many stories on Inspirers World as of late due to work on my mystery thriller novel. However, like many first novels, it is going through its share of edits, rewrites, bumps, and bruises.

As a semi-retired partially disabled writer I am at the point where some sort of income is essential. To that end, I am giving serious consideration to creating a book of short stories based on my character Lucius. (You can find his free stories on my website that is linked at the bottom of every article.) Lucius’s stories are written in first person perspective and filled with satire and humor about life from an American southerner’s point of view.

Many people say you should never write beyond a single genre or you will lose your readers. As readers and writers, do you think this is true? Will Lucius be the death of the mystery thriller should I have some of his stories released before the novel?

If you have not read Lucius’ stories, please click on my blog link below and find Lucius under the categories in the right-hand column.

I value your comments below. Thank you for taking the time to give me feedback.

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