Accept yourself quirks and all

I love this.

art of being fabulous

Guiness Time.jpg

Welcome, 2018! I decided to kick off the New Year with a post about positivity and confidence. Accepting yourself for who you are is easier said than done. But it’s worth the effort. I know firsthand how long it can take and that it’s a continual work-in-progress. Most people that know me probably assume that I’m a very confident person and content with myself. Part of it is true, now. I started this journey last year, and a lot of work has gone into getting me to this place.

Outwardly I have a big personality; I’m friendly, talkative, laugh a lot and tell jokes, well sarcastic ones. People are shocked when I say I’m an introvert who just happens to be incredibly chatty, and it takes a lot out of me to be “on” in social situations. I’m drained and need a lot of downtime afterwards.

I’m my worst enemy…

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