For All of Us

I was in an airport
In a major US town
And as I walked I wondered
What the hell was going down
For from the right and from the left
A quiet sneer, a frown
Made me wonder whether
I’d done something worth renown

I glanced around and noticed that
For such a modern place
There weren’t too many women who
Were showing there their face
Unless ’twere those who, fated to
Wear uniforms, lacked any grace
All the men present seemed to find
My own outfit a grim disgrace

In little groups they gathered
Dourest faces to the fore
If looks could kill I would have been
Drowning in my gore
I didn’t understand what
They were disapproving for —
Not like I hadn’t checked it
On my way out my front door

That’s when I realized in
Salt Lake City they did not approve
Of women who in freedom
Joy and beauty get to move
I think it might have been
My fuck-me pumps that didn’t groove
With the faded clodhoppers
A virtuous woman behoove

Maybe it was the miniskirt
Of scarlet leather that
Matched perfectly the shade
Of both my jacket and my hat;
Or perhaps the trailing ribbons
Easily three inches fat
Floating freely brim to butt
They were scandalized at

I didn’t know — to tell the truth
Sister, I didn’t care
But found myself happy to have
Some sev’ral minutes spare
To do some readjusting
Of the grimness gathered there
The sight of one free
Happy independent woman scare

A serene and subtle smile I brought
To my vermillion lips
A somewhat slinky sway came into
My sashaying hips
Of those scarlet designer pumps
I caref’lly placed the tips
And showed them how a lady
The bud denigration nips

I passed ’em once, I passed ’em twice
That concourse my bad boardwalk was
Tilted my six inch brim of hat
Inviting them to make a fuss
I looked ’em up, I looked ’em down
Like, “Honey, you’re a wuss”
And sister mine, I’s feeling’s fine:
I did it all for all of us!


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