Pain is perspective.

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What hurts us is what heals us.

I’ve been thinking about pain alot lately. Trying to understand this feeling or how to relate to it. Sometimes people think I’m lying about being hurt because all they see is a smile; whereas I’m smiling to stop myself from crying. Pain is temporary. Eventually, it will subside. But if I quit and prevent myself from feeling, that however, the surrender stays with me. The thing about pain is, it is universal. Everyone feels it but most importantly, it is personal…very personal and even though you’ll hear people say ” I can relate to your pain”, reality is, even if you guys might be going through the same thing, chances are y’all are not feeling the same thing. So this brings me to what pain taught me:

  1. Pain demands to be felt.

You can’t escape from it. It reaches you in places…

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I'm a young lady who expresses herself through writing and music. These texts are just a few thoughts of this broad mind of mine which never rests. Hope you have fun

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