6 important lessons I learned about love.

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Valentine’s day has never been a great deal for me either because I’ve always been in long distance relationships, single or that gifts are not really my thing. What’s funny is I’m actually a romantic person so I wonder what goes wrong. But on this day, I get time to reflect on how I’ve dealt with my relationships in the past and what love could possibly mean to me.

1) Before I could date someone, I needed to date myself.

I don’t know if people understand the importance of self love and actually knowing oneself. Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for the rest of your relationships. What you allow, tolerate and let slide will continue. What you haven’t solved, healed and dealt with in your singleness, will be revealed in your togetherness. People see relationships as being all mushy and lovey-dovey and all but that’s just the butterfly…

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