A husband wakes up with a hangover. He opens his eyes and sees aspirins and water.
He sits down and sees his clothes all clean and pressed….
He takes the aspirin and finds a note “Honey, breakfast is laid on table, I have left to buy groceries. Love you”
Totally shocked,
He goes to the kitchen for breakfast. There he finds his son and asks him “What happened last night ?”.
Son says: “Well Dad you came home.  @ 3am, drunk & delirious, broke all  crockery, puked in the hall and made a total mess….
Confused he asks, “then why is everything in order?”
Son says, “Oh! Mom dragged you to the bed room and you pleaded  “LADY LEAVE ME ALONE,  I AM MARRIED!”   I love my wife , cant ditch her……
Self induced hangover – 4000
broken Crockery – 10000
Saying the right things when drunk……..  PRICELESS !!