Have you counted your blessings?

Have you counted your blessings one by one?

We all have wonderful blessings.  There is no single individual who does not have blessings.  But many of us feel we are not blessed.  Hence, we always complain of our missed opportunities or our misfortunes.  We carry long faces, look disgruntled and bitter.

I want to assuire you that if you count your blessings one by one you will be surprised by what the Lord has done for you.

It is important to take note that God blesses people in different ways.  We cannot all have the same blessings.

Maybe you are blessed with money, education, position, power, popularity, children, good health, etc.  You cannot have it all. No one person can have it all.   If you are not blessed with one thing, you will be blessed with another.  Take a look at your classmates in school.  Perhaps among them are people who never scored a pass mark in any subject in school, but who today are doing extremely well in business and passing their exam in money-making.  That is their blessing.  Some people have no education, no job and no position in society, but are blessed with children.

One day, I bumped into a classmate of mine who did not go very far in education.  We engaged in a conversation and I learned that his two children were abroad and had already sent him two cars one of which he had sold, and the other, he was using as a private car.  Can he say he is not blessed? He did not have the blessing of high book-learning, but had that of responsible and hard working children.

There are many lowly placed people in society whose children are well settled. That is God’s doing.  Through the children, he has blessed the parents.  God knows how to bless his people.

There is another classmate of mine, who was dismissed from college because of poor academic performance.  He went away in tears and took another line in life.  A few years later, he created a business of his own.  Today, he is a multi-millionaire, far ahead of many who beat him in school.

A few years ago, another friend of mine only struggled to live.  He had a business which nobody took seriously.   Then some foreign partners took an interest in it and joined him.  Overnight, he became a multi-millionaire.  Life is wonderful, and we all have our blessings.

If you do not have financial or material success, you may have other blessings.  Good health is a blessing that many people take for granted.  Health is wealth.  Some people have wealth but are very unhappy because they cannot enjoy it due to very poor health.  Even their money is unable to give them the good health they very much long for.  They go from hospital to hospital to no avail.  If you have good health, do not take it for granted.  Thank God for it.  It is a wonderful blessing which money cannot buy and which you cannot get because of your position, otherwise all rich and highly placed persons should be healthy.

Another blessing that many people overlook is peace of mind.  There are people who have position, money, houses, cars, and mansions here and there, but are unable to have sound sleep at night. When they go to bed they are not sure to get up the next morning because of fear and worry that men and women of the underworld may attack and kill them in the night in an attempt to steal their money.  Some rich people cannot sleep in the night because they are not satisfied with their riches.  Although they are fabulously rich, they want to become even richer; they want to become number one – or the only cock to crow.

Often, we fail to see our blessings because we are looking at what others have and are comparing ourselves with them and think we do not have much.  If we cultivate the habit of comparing ourselves with others, the tendency will always be to look at those who are better than us and think that we are not blessed, when, indeed, we are.  We fail to see the numerous people who are behind us; who do not have half the blessings that we have.  A fact of life is, at every moment in life, no matter how great or how low you may think you are, you will always be in the middle.    We are neither the best nor the worst in.  There are many who are better than us in certain things and we are better than many in some as well.  Any struggle to become the best in everything is a vain and senseless struggle which can only bring failure, stress, and frustration.

There are people who  have two hands, two feet and two eyes but are crying that they are not blessed, when people who have no eyes, no feet and no hands are thanking God  everyday for blessing them with the gift of life.

There are couples who have children but who still say they are not blessed whereas couples who have no children are thanking God everyday for blessing them with each other.  There are people who have jobs from where they earn good salaries to keep them and their families alive, yet, they do not accept that God has blessed them. On the other hand, there are jobless people who spend all their time thanking God for providing them their daily bread.  There are people who are always on the road. They go and come safely but do not think that God has blessed them.

The secret of life is to count your blessings one by one and give thanks to the Almighty God for them.  Instead of bothering about what you do not have,  begin to enjoy and appreciate what you have.  Life will be wonderful if we cultivate the habit of counting our blessings one by one and sending a “Thank You” message to our creator for being so wonderfully kind to us.



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