The world’s greatest curriculum vitae

He is a man;
An incomparable man;
He has the world’s greatest curriculum vitae;
You know him;
But you may not know he is the one
I am talking about;
Do you?
Shout out if you do:
He was born more than two thousand years ago;
But he lives today;
He was born like no man before,
And no man after him;
He was born of poor parents;
He lived in poverty and grew up in obscurity;
He owned nothing and desired no property;
He moved from place to place, having no fixed abode;
He never went to school
But no scholar has ever been or will ever be
More learned, wiser or greater than him;
He has no territory to rule;
But is the greatest king the world has known;
He has the greatest arsenal of soldiers fighting
On his side;
But his soldiers do not use conventional arms;
Rather, they use words and his message to the world.
He lived for only thirty-three years
But did more than all the kings of the world
Put together;
He is remembered and venerated every day
To this moment;
His enemies work day and night to destroy him
But the more they fight to do this,
The stronger he becomes.
This is not all about him, indeed;
And so I am calling on anyone who knows him
To help complete this curriculum vitae.

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