As today is a day set aside to celebrate love throughout the world a sprinkle of thought flow into my heart this mornimg i.e WHAT IS LOVE?

Many has mis-intepreted the word love that why choas is in the world now. The love many practise today is selfish, self -centered etc and that is not the way author of love Himself want it to be.


  • Is when you repay those who hurt you with your forgiveness and prayer.
  • Is when you do to others likewise you want them to do you.
  • Is when you decide to do everything possible for peace to rain.

In Romans 5:8 -“but GOD demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we are still sinners, Christ died for us.”

   any love that you have for others that never bring the best out of them but only you is not love.. it is a selfish expression.

This make me to conclude that LOVE is an act of sacrifice for someone or others in order to bring the best out of them. The author of love have shown us what love is all about…. In this moment of love let have change of heart and practise the real love so that world can be a better place for us.

Make sure your life is an expression of real love to the world.

God bless you and do have a fun day.

i remain your humble friend.



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thank you


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