A Valentine’s day – special

Enjoy these lovely pictures.

Tony McLean's East Yorkshire Wildlife Diary

I thought I would enter into the spirit of the occasion and share a few photographs taken over the past few years at my local wildlife reserve at Tophill Low.

…and not a single bottle of wine in sight!

Mute swans mating_3

Shelducks mating_3

Roe deer-mating

Oystercatchers spring mating

Mute swans mating_2

Malard mating

Fox cubs - friendly

Gadwall-mating in Winter

Greylag Love

Kingfishers - Mating

Lesser Black-backed Gulls mating

Cormorants - Mating

Coots mating_1 The whole amorous act only lasted a matter of seconds. Just as well as the females’s head was below the water during the brief action.

Common Terns-mating

Canada geese - mating

Black-headed Gulls-on the nest

and ‘Yes’, I shall be dining alone again this evening! I wonder why? 🙂

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