Technological advancement: we may invent a dragon that will wage a war against us and beat us

Do you know what?
Technological advancement;
It’s good; very good;
It doesn’t look bad;
But I have my fears;
Call me silly;
I don’t deny;
But where is my fear coming from;
Well, it is coming from inside me;
And this is my fear and worry:
We may soon invent a machine,
Or call it what you may,
That will chase us out of the earth;
Do you say I am kidding?
Aren’t many of the machines or gadgets
Or whatever that we are inventing
Smarter than us?
They think faster;
Calculate smarter;
What if we invent a dangerous one
That has the power to fight and kill human beings
And then we forget the key to stop it?
Then it starts moving from person to person
And killing everybody.
Or we invent a machine with such intelligence
That it can invent its own machines
That we cannot control?
My friends;
Let us watch what we are inventing;
We may invent a dangerous dragon
That we will be unable to control.
Invent, but be careful
Or you invent an enemy more powerful than you.