My biggest downfall is that I see the good in everyone

and give them the benefit of the doubt.

I don’t believe people would want to hurt me…

until they actually hurt me.

It’s shocking.

I then spend so much time trying to figure why,

why people are the way they are,

why they would try to take away my smile,

why, why why.

Each time, I’d come up with…


Not a ghaddam thing!



Gone .

Wasted on things not meant to be understood.

‘Let go. I gotta let go.’

So I say….

but I keep going because….


Not the millennial love,

I’m talking about the ‘Jesus loves you’ love.

The one where no matter what someone does,

they will always remain in my heart love.

We may no longer be close,

but if you needed help,

I’d drop what I’m doing to cater to you love.


That’s what we’re supposed… to… do..



No strings attached

No vengeance

No hatred

Just pure.

So I will continue to be like this,

but I’m too aware to just be foolish.

I will love.

This time…

with both eyes open.


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