Legal Alien

I’m very pleased to meet you
And to meet you, too, my dear
I wish that I were better at
Speaking the language here
So keep in mind I may not be
As dumb as I appear!

But then again I might be —
For I haven’t managed quite
To substitute for words of
My delirious delight
Appropriate vocabulary
For shortage and lack and fright

Where I come from, we find it
Difficult to understand
How you can have a surplus
Of good food upon one hand
And on the other still have
Starving people on your land

I also very desperately
Do appear to need to buy
Some sort of book or tape designed
To teach me how to lie
As you do six times every
Ten minutes in talk goes by

And I’ll require some good advice
On how I may be led
Consider to my selfish good
And not the greater good instead
You would despise me ’bout to death
For doing that, they said…?