New Titles for Workmen………fun post

If you please address workers by using their new titles accordingly and they will like it and work HARDER for you.
Add any extra if you likeย ๐Ÿ˜„

OLD: Garden Boy
NEW: Landscape Executive and Animal Nutritionist

OLD: Petrol attendant
NEW: Fuel transmission engineer

OLD: Receptionist
NEW: Front Desk Controller

OLD: Typist
NEW: Printed Document Handler

OLD: Messenger
NEW: Business Communication Conveyer

OLD: Window Cleaner
NEW: Transparent Wall Technician

OLD: Temporary Teacher
NEW: Associate Teacher

OLD: Tea Boy
NEW: Refreshment Director

OLD: Garbage Collector
NEW: Environmental Sanitation Technician

OLD: Guard
NEW: Security Enforcement Director

OLD: Thief
NEW: Wealth Relocation Officer

OLD: Driver
NEW: Automobile Propulsion Specialist

OLD: Maid
NEW: Domestics Managing Director

OLD: Cook
NEW: Food Chemist

OLD: Gossiper
NEW: Oral Research and Evaluation Director


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