You are not here to occupy the space on earth for nothing. Your assignment on earth is simply the problem God created you to solve. You have to make a different positive ones.

Don’t just exist do something meaningful with your life, discover your purpose and fulfil it.

Don’t just fit in, make it a point to brighten life. Decide to resolve your challenges by facing them.

Don’t just manage, go extra mile and win your race. Never give up the fight, you will win.

Don’t just be able always make sure you are available. Be present to make a definite change to earth.

Don’t just be alive, once you are here find the reason why and make that reason accomplished.

Don’t just desire, be passionate about what you desire to see.happen. Rise up and make it happen.

Don’t just create, create to change, change to improve, improve to increase and aspire to inspire.

Don’t just be making  a living, make a life and leave an indelible foot step wherever you find yourself.

I want to see you among the earth changers who influence life positive. Don’t be left out!



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Thank you.