Fit and me?

I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately because I have been keeping away from other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. I think I am used to staring at my screen for a long time. So when I have my phone, I always have the need to open up an app, be it when I am on a bus, walking, or just lying in bed.

Recently though, I have been getting many fitness videos on my recommended list. I have watched Buzzfeed’s videos where People did 100 squats every day for a month or 100 pushups every day for a month. I have also read an article titled “I did 30 Burpees for 15 days and this is what happened” on runners world.

These immediately sparked an interest in me. Early last week, I started with 30 squats for two days consecutively. I could do no more than 30. I decided on starting slow because I haven’t been exercising regularly.

I am thin, which is genetic, so I don’t put on weight, or if I do, it is barely noticeable. But I want to stay fit. Last semester during the exam period, the elevators in the library were sometimes very busy and I would often take the stairs up to the 5th floor; which I found a chore. I would do that nevertheless and I would find myself panting and out of breath. Nostrils flaring, taking deep and quick breaths and holding the rail, I would reach the fifth floor.

I used to do a lot of sports in high school. I used to play football (soccer), badminton, basketball, volleyball. I used to participate in events for the annual Sports Day. I was quite fit, I guess.

When I came to university, I would go on a run with my friends once in a while during the first semester, but after that, I stopped practising any kind of sport.

This year, I have been wanting to become fitter, eat healthier, and be calmer. I have noticed that when I write about my goals, I am not necessarily more serious and consistent about them.

I tried something else this time. The thought of being more fit, doing exercise has been on my mind since the beginning of the holidays but last week my resolution got stronger. Last week was the Chinese New year and just before the Spring festival, I mentally took a resolution to do 50 squats or more every day or as consistently as possible.

I acted upon that goal on Monday, 12 Feb, with 30 squats and I felt energetic, powerful, and I felt a strong will to start the day. I went to bed at my regular time, but I woke up much earlier. I don’t know whether that was because of the few squats that I did or whether it was positivism and an anticipation to start the day with more squats.

The next day, when I woke up I was a bit sore but I was excited to do squats. After the 30 squats though, I decided to do a few burpees. I used to do that all the time in high school, so I thought that I would be able to manage quite well. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do more than 5 burpees, and that really made realise how unfit I am.

Wednesday, I went to stay to spend Valentine’s day at my friends’ apartment. We watched movies, cooked, watched the Chinese cultural programme on TV, went to downtown, and just spent quality time with friends. So I couldn’t do my squats for these days.

My friends posing for a candid shot 😂

Meat Jiaozi (if you don’t know what a jiaozi is, visit my post titled breakfast in China, where I talk about it😉)

虾仁汤混沌- prawn dumplings

During those “inactive” days, I read an article which said that it’s better to do squats on non-consecutive days, and so I did 50 squats and a few burpees on Saturday but didn’t do any on Sunday.

On Monday the 19th, my resolve to continue doing squats was still strong. When I started doing squats the week before, I couldn’t do more than 15 before starting to feel tired or before feeling breathless. This time I reached 35 squats in a row. So this was an achievement indeed. I did 50 squats but I was still struggling with burpees.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I aimed for 60 squats and fulfilled them.

Today, I challenged myself for 75 squats and I did those in three assays. I am still working on the burpees and they are becoming easier now. I guess maybe I have lower strength in my arms and upper body.

I am more consistent with this goal of mine. I feel more positive over the almost two weeks that I have been doing squats and I can feel a difference in my endurance level. Stretching myself before and after the squats makes me feel better physically and mentally.

I haven’t been following any special diet though. I have been eating as normally as before. In fact, I baked another chocolate🍫 cake🍮😁, this time only for myself. I eat a piece every day for dessert.

I will be posting a bit irregularly for the next 3-4 months as I am in the final semester of my undergraduate studies and I have a packed schedule.

I’ll try my best to post as much as I can and visit your websites as frequently as I can.

See you in a next post!


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