Let your light so shine before man that may see your good works, and glorify your FATHER which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

Are your light so shine before man? Is the question we need to ask ourselves everytime. If not we will not know, We must let it shine. How will people see that light? Through our good works.
The German atheist philosopher Nietzsche once said that if he saw more redeemed people he might be more inclined to believe in their Redeemer. Christians who do not have changed lives have a credibility gap. If I am trying to tell you how great my doctor is, but I am dying under his care, you might question his skill. If I try to tell you how great my auto mechanic is, but my car is belching black smoke out the exhaust, you will probably be reluctant to entrust your own vehicle to him. What good does it do to tell people how great our Savior is if they cannot see that we ourselves have been saved from sin? Let your light shine.
What does Jesus mean by light? Jesus also calls Himself “the light of the world.” John calls Him “the life that is the light of men,” “the light that shines in the darkness” ( John 1:4-5 ). The light in us is His light, the indwelling Christ, the Holy Spirit within us. The apostle Paul speaks of “the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ” ( 2 Corinthians 4:4 ). We have that light shining through our lives if our actions reflect the nature of Christ—His love, compassion, and forgiveness. His light shines through our attitudes, words, and deeds. When people see that our lives have been changed so that we have Jesus’ values and see the power of God at work in us, they will agree that we do have a great Savior. When they see redeemed people, they are more inclined to believe that we have a Redeemer. The Christlike life is the platform on which individual testimony becomes convincing.
If no light shines from your life, either you have no relationship with Christ or you are bringing dishonor to Him. It is a sad thing for someone to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and continue to live an openly sinful life. It brings disrepute to Christ and the gospel. It is a stumbling block for unbelievers to believe our GOD. It is certainly not effective in convincing anyone that Christ has the power to transform lives. Our responsibility as a follower is to have lives so transformed by the Word and the inward presence of Christ that everyone can see His light reflected in our acts of kindness.

Are You Covering Your Light?
A person once told me he was having a difficult time spreading the Gospel in his environment because it was “so dark.” When I questioned him further I discovered that his focus had been on “speaking the Word to people,” and he was very frustrated since no one would listen (I could relate!). Then I asked the question, as much of myself as of him, “Do you think people in your environment need Jesus Christ, and how would they respond to him?” The lesson I learned was that I needed to quit focusing so much on “telling” people about Christ and start “being” Jesus to my community.
In order for the light of Christ to shine out of us and to this world we must love as he loved, and touch others the way he would have touched them. We must be for people what he would have us to be. The gift of holy spirit which every Christian has is CHRIST IN US! The only thing that prevents its brilliant luminescence from overwhelming others is the covering we put over it. A bright light always draws our attention, even if it is a bright and sunny day, but the darker the night then even the brighter the light appears. The problem we have of reaching the world is not the darkness but how bright we are shining. We are the only ones that stand in the way of our light’s radiance.
Our lives should be so clearly different from the world that it causes people to pause and take notice. That’s what a bright light does. Unfortunately, far too often we tend to blend into to the shadows lurking around us.

It is time to show forth the light we are to the world our GOD is counting on.us.


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Thank you.


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