Conscious speech

I don’t remember,

Is all I can say,

I don’t see myself as a member,

Of this community,

No one can,

Get through to me,

My life is broken in peaces,

All I need is to get myself together,

Still all I see is stormy weather,

People pushing me in different directions,

I don’t agree with any of ya’ll,

It’s a misconception,

I live in a different reality,

A different spectrum,

The pain I feel is of being misunderstood,

The thoughts I have Is all I am,

And I don’t share them,

I don’t want to,

Cause inside I feel like people already,

Can hear them,

All I want is freedom,

No mind-control,

My intellectual abilities,

Is what I want you to behold,

The level of my personality,

Is deep as the sea level below,

Holding my head up high,

Feeling the spirit of my soul,

The visual interpretation of me,

Is like gold,

A construct of mind,


I am alive when I sleep,

Endless times,

You want to agree but you’re lying,

The hope and dreams of a man,

Returns to everything is fine,


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