Made In The Image Of God!

What is the image of God really like? Why are some of us more in the image of God than others? What went wrong?

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Good morning world! (it’s morning in my area). I just had an idea that if I don’t share, I will probably explode. Let’s talk about the image of God for a moment. 

We are all made in the image of God right? Yes we are. But some of us limit this only to physical appearance-that is why we focus a lot on trying to draw God to look like us. While some of us judge others cruelly because we think that they cannot possibly be made in the image of God. We have good reasons too. I won’t blame anyone who doubted the image of God in me if I were behaving completely opposite to him. Image result for Godly pictures and quotes

OK, think about it this way; God is our father and we are made to be just like him. But if we are made like him, why do we have truly evil people and…

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