Flower in Bloom….Polash

•Palash in Bloom• বসন্ত এসেছে

It reminds me my days at•Daltonganj•

That was July 2014 and all on a sudden on an administrative transfer I had to join there as Chief Manager in my Bank and to be honest Daltonganj was such a place which was most inconvenient for reaching my home town Balasore in Odisha though not too far off.
Another secret from my life…..
“Once you start accepting people & situations they start yielding good results and exactly it happened this time too”.
Being a very famous Town of combined Bihar with “Betla National Tiger Reserve forests” & “Palamu Fort” just at a distance of less than 30 km “Daltonganj” the HQ of Palamu revenue circle was famous for three things namely.
1.Palash flower.
2.Lac as a natural by product.
3.Mohua a very natural ingredient for local 🍺 alcohol making and mist favourite of Beers.

Gradually me and wife started loving this place like most of my earlier postings and enjoyed every season with Nature in it’s best forms.
Just been there at Daltonganj for almost a year but I still have a lot of memories of “Palash”blooming like “Fire 🔥 in the Forest” during spring times.

Dedicated to all Nature Lovers and Photographers.

Flower in Bloom….Polash


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