Create quotable quotes 1

What we write or say is more interesting when we use quotes by some famous writers or figures.  These quotes have stood the test of time, not because those who said them were super beings, but because they took time to reflect and to put together words in a way that touched the hearts of their contemporaries and have continued to catch the attention of generations after them.

You and me are also capable of saying things that will catch the attention of our contemporaries and future generations. All is for us to take time and reflect on the issues of life and to put our words together.  This is the challenge we have hereto  – reflect on the issues of life and compose statements that we think can stand the test of time.

This  is a way to record one’s name in history.  Thus, I invite you to join this challenge. In the comment box, write on any subject. Give any of your own original thoughts, worthy of being quoted by others.