What does a miracle look like?

What does a miracle look like?
Many people think a miracle should be a big, good, dramatic occurrence. Sometimes, but not always.
A miracle may start in a very small or simple way and then gradually grow big.
Think about the human being, probably God’s greatest miracle. Every human being starts as a little dot in the womb, but with time it becomes a huge person capable of many exploits.

What you started small could be your miracle on the way. May be God intends to make it big for you. You may never see this miracle become full blown unless you stick to it.

Hold fast to what you are doing. Your miracle is on its way.

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    Miracle Of Life – Poem by David Harris

    Sometimes our lives are filled
    with great moments
    that will always remain in our mind.
    Some are more significant than others,
    always trapped in time
    for you to always remember.
    One of the greatest moments
    in anyone’s life
    is witnessing the miracle of life.
    I remember not wanting
    to see my son born,
    I had heard so many gory stories
    I did not want to be there.
    Then at the last moment
    I changed my mind,
    I stood there holding my wife’s hand
    as the miracle of life
    happened right before my eyes.
    After it was over I yawned,
    suddenly the delivery room broke into pandemonium
    when someone shouted, “The fathers fainting, get him out! ”
    All I did was yawn under the mask I wore.
    With that, they hustled me out for some fresh air.
    However, I smile at that now.
    However, my advice to any father
    who gets the chance to see his child born –
    take it and relish it for the rest of your life.

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