🇦🇹If you leave me…🇧🇫

If you leave me,😂😁😀
Can you guess what will happen?
I will miss you;
But I will not stop;
I will keep going;
You don’t know my determination;
My determination tank is full;
My hands are on the plough;
There’s no turning back;
I advice you not to leave me;
We’ve gone a long way;
And mind you, it’s human
To disagree;
It’s human to have differences;
We cannot only go with those
Who agree with us in everything;
That is not realistic;
We are different;
You are you;😍☺😑
I am me;
We respect our differences;
And we journey together;
If I leave you,
Or you leave me because we discover
A difference,
That is not mature of us;
That is childish;
Let’s be mature not childish;
In any case,
I am not leaving you;
And if you leave me,
I will miss you,
But I won’t stop;
What I have begun,
I will carry to the end;
That is a non-negotiable.
If you have opted to journey
With me till death do us part,
Journey with me till death
Death do us part;
Don’t leave me half way;
That’s betrayal of trust;
Failure to keep promise;
Failure to respect your word;
Which is not honorable.
At all.
What can be more degrading
Than failure to honor one’s word?
It’s honorable to honor
Your word once given.
Stay with me, my love;
That will make me happy;
And eventually you too.
In any case, if you leave me,
I am not stopping;
I am going on.
What I started must be finished.🐎🐂🐅🐆🐅
Let’s be going!