Slow down

If your speed is too high,
Wisdom calls
That you slow down;
Don’t go at breakneck speed;
You risk breaking your neck;
Slow down;
Better arrive late
Than never at all;
Slow down;
And gather momentum;
And then you can relaunch.
The winners are not always
Those who run fastest;
It is good to be fast;
But also sometimes
It’s good to be slow;
Take your time
And do a good job
Instead of speeding
And not reaching
The standard that’s desired.


7 thoughts on “Slow down

  1. I have become close friends with someone who is 18 years older than me. Although very active, I have learned to take life at a bit slower pace, things we forget to do like lingering over coffee to chat, walking slower to the car, slowing down and driving the speed limit (speeding is a habit of mine), and something so simple as sitting down and watching TV together rather than being on the computer all evening.

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