See the seedling pierce the earth
See it swelling by and by
To trunk and branch of mighty worth
Reaching to embrace the sky

O’er the blushing peony
See the dashing bee prevail
Unendingly for eons he
Agitates to lift her veil

See the fertile raindrops fall
Upon recumbent waiting loam
Which by its passive essence call
Those drops come shooting home

See the sun in majesty
Lift himself from off the breast
Of she our mother ocean be
Brightly renewed by such sweet rest

Ay, see the morning kiss the night
Until she blush the dark away
And see their mutual delight
When she again holds sway

See the sparkle in the eye
Of the little boy next door
As he is firstly taught love by
Innocent neighbor to adore

For her he will slay dragons or
Battalions of the fiercest men
Her tiny, perfect feet before
To come lay them again

See how the brook leaps to the sea
See how the mist must seek the sky
We know just what it is they see —
We see the same thing, you and I


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