What you sow is what you reap…

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Least did I know that life is so long, when I was young,

Ups and downs are what makes us stronger as the life goes on.

One time smile other time I cry,

Life gives so much confusion as time flies.

Many new faces you see everyday,

They teach you mould you bit by bit each day.

No two day is same my dear,

Learn to live each day without fear.

I keep saying this to myself as I move,

Now I say the same to you too my dear.

Live for that day learn good from the new face you meet today,

If you find some bad in him,

Try to find the best in him and ensure to show that to him.

May be he don’t know what he possess,

Show the talent of goodness of love you possess.

Spread love and smile as you move,

Coz what…

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