If You’d Never Seen an Apple, Would You Believe That They Exist? (Reprise)

I cannot really blame you
When you give small credibility
To someone who is sensitive,
Intuitive psychically

It’s clear that you have never found
Your own eyes crying for
Someone you pass, unfortunate
Whom you have never met before

Have never seen the loving past
Of someone standing right behind
Them, faithful, faithful to the last
Though they continue to it blind

You’ve never felt the prompting
Of that still small voice within
Advising you when to hold back
And when’ts best to begin

Your life, when seen in retrospect
Has had no chance, as oft has mine
To bring you total wonderment
At what you see behind —

The strangers who approached you
An ordinary sidewalk on
To ask you for your good advice
Their deepest needs upon

The messages accepted gasping
Awed receivers by
Before they in delight, relief
And love and joy began to cry

After you made it known to them
What Light forgiving spirits say;
The blessings they called back to you
From half a block away

The times when long years afterward
One of them reappear
To say what a transformative
Word you had given them to hear

And how it changed one life
And that life then changed many more —
How can you have respect for me
When you’ve known none of these before?


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