Selfless help

Selfless help, selfless help;
What do we mean by selfless help?
And what does it feel like
To give or receive selfless help;
When was the last time you gave
Or received selfless help?
Give us your thoughts on selfless help;
What do you say about selfless help?
Must we be paid
For all that we do?
What is the meaning of selfless help?
And what is the place of selfless help?


11 thoughts on “Selfless help

  1. Anonymous

    What is the meaning of selfless help? Ah! But we human beings are so ever clever! There is no such a thing as selfless help from any human being!

    We are all after that coveted approval. Let’s sober up! The Whirlwind of conviction it’s on to us That nasty head of self-esteem shall be knocked down to the ground. I REPENT IN DUST AND ASHES SHALL BE THE SOUND….

    What do I know? Who am I to come up against the tide of human nobility? I am what i am but by the Almighty’s power of love and wisdom. Of my own? I AM NOTHING!

    Much love to all, thiaBasilia. 🙂


    1. Thanks Thia! By selfless I am thinking in terms of not doing it for financial, material rewards, or some benefit to advance the concerned. I am not thinking in terms of receiving appreciation. I think there is nobody who does not like to be appreciated. Even the person who says they do not care about being appreciated would like to be appreciated for not being interested in appreciation. When the priority in doing a thing is not for approval even though when it comes it is appreciated, that can be considered selfless. It’s quite complex isn’t it? Let’s wait and see what others say on the subject.


  2. No why must we be paid for selfless help or selfless love. It has to be given selflessly and not told or asked to. A person who gives selflessly must only know what he is doing and there is so much happiness in giving rather than receiving. A great poem.

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