Many among us fascinated are
By those who seemingly are able to
Gaze into past or future times afar
Or at great distance nearer moments view

Such ones, holding the pen, from Spirit write
Messages present company unto
Of such specific personal delight
As never had that writer access to

Or those, again, who grasp an object will
And give out its extensive history,
For whom the empty air entities fill
Which naught present in that room else can see,

By healers who can place their fingers on
The hidden sources of ones greatest pain
And by that touch old agony upon
Release one back to wholeness once again…

Do we wish to develop similar
Capacities the unseen world to know
Its precincts presently would we unbar
Freely on both sides of the Veil to go?

We read and study manuscript and book
Seclude ourselves intensive in retreat
Among the noted teachers eager look
Seeking to qualify for that elite

Such sources are important, to be sure
To add to them, here is another key
Which will eventual success assure:
The word used for such people anciently

Indicative of their true nature were
More of its inner essence seemed to give
Than terms employed in modern usage are —
Such a being was called a ‘sensitive’

In this word lies a most practical Way
Develop to psychic capacities
Without distress or danger or dismay:
Become more, slowly more, like one of these

Begin by letting other people in
Extending understanding sympathy
Sooner than later you’ll find this begin
To blossom into active empathy

Progress empathy intuition to
As your vibrational level uplift
Until all manner of insight have you
Available by your developed gift

The best of counselors, of teachers too
Advising us such cosmic wonders of
The window to magical landscapes’ view
Goes by the sweet old fashioned name of Love


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