Here is my tidbit of the day NEVER QUIT!!! If you stumble, get back up. What happened yesterday no longer matters. Today is another day to move on and start over.

Many has quit there dreams, visions,  because they fumble and stumble at the first attempt even at the second, third, fourth etc and quit. My dear, quitting is not best solution its only leave you a person full of regret.  I remember when i first started the blog apostlespeaks i quit at first attempt because i dont really know how to go about it, when i post nobody read it, nobody like it, is like i dont have what it takes to write and just wasting away my time but after awhile i came across this quote great thing takes time i summon courage precisely last year i start again but this time around with better approach and better understand of what i want to achieve. Since then it gets better and better each day, see whatever you do and everything went smooth at once check it does not have great in it because great thing takes time.

No matter what happened yestersday it has gone, Today is new me and i am going to do things better than before that is spirit of a champion.

God bless you, do have transforming day.

From your humble friend,


For more inspiration visit https://apostlespeaks.wordpress.com

thank you.


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