What can be done with time?

I like red wine,

I like to stay true to,

My mind,

Always on the grind,

No time to dine,

All heads up in line,

No question,

I am the ultimate,

No question,

I am in to it,

Solving my puzzle,

What can be done with time?

Reason or no reason,

I ask questions,

No fun and games,

Just guessing,

To be true to oneself,

Is a life long lesson,

Always stay in touch with the real,

Never flexing,

Why so many feel vexed and,

Try to take what’s mine,

Cause their daddy left em,

No dispute,

I am the one,

I can’t lose,

You can’t refuse,

Cause you know me,

Long time since I played deuce,

Flaunting cause you’re insecure,

I’m balling till I can’t no more,

Always dancing,

On the floor,

Cause this time will never come back,

I’m so sure,


time impact


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