Single but not alone.

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The most profound relationship we can ever have is the one we have with ourselves.

It’s almost as if being single is a taboo. Everyone on the internet is in the race of whose relationship is the best. Whose relationship lasts longer. Who has the best boy or girlfriend. And when some couples break up, then it’s a shaming contest. A whole charade of people mocking, saying “lmao so you guys have broken up? Didn’t you say it was a match made in heaven? ” Its sad. And all of this really puts my idea of relationships in perspective.

African moms can kill for a wedding. But before you even get a husband, they low-key don’t want you to date. For them, a husband will just appear to you and BOOM, marriage😂. When a daughter reaches mid 20s, you already hear talks like “when are you getting married?…

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