Don’t you just hate when your outfit is al twisted and wrinkly? It doesn’t look as beautiful as it should right? 

Well, do you throw away a wrinkled outfit or do you find a remedy like ironing it? 

If you see your sister crying, will you try to help ease the pain or will you ignore, or even worse, pretend to care just so you have information for rumor mongers?  

When life throws nasty wrinkles in time, do you find a remedy or do you just give up on life? 

Whatever your decision, I want you to know that wrinkles can be straightened out. It’s never over for my outfit until its torn, and even at that, I try to mend before I give up. 

The same way you don’t give up on your wrinkled outfits, don’t give up on life. Try your hardest to iron things out.

Even in relationships. Try to iron things out always. It could be as easy as “I’m sorry” or “thank you” 

Wrinkles don’t signify A bend not the end.

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