child of earth

child of earth
raise thine eyes to the laws
which move thy universe!

laws of such multitude
such correspondence
that soon thou must bend
to wend thy way
through spiderwebby astral threads
which bind together all thou touchest
and all thou canst not yet touch
being still a child of the earth

observe, observe!
hunt for thy knowledge

dig for it deep
in the earthy occult
which runs with the smells
of all of life’s juices
sit at the feet of the ancient wise men
hearken the lisping of infants
ponder the perfect
flaws in a flower, for like thee it grew
from the earth

when the intricate
grace of it all
has come to thy heart
first in trickles
then in streams
and suddenly in great waves
which rock thy soul and fill thee up
till the wonder drips
from thy fingertips
then close thine eyes and seek
within, o child of earth

raise then thy voice
with the infant in song
leave thy sceptre and thy chalice
turned again
to wood and stone as they began
send not they brother to the ancient ones
thy bended knee and humble hoe
will make the flowers gladly grow
for now thou art adept
and need no spell
no priest
to work thy magic with
o ancient
child of the earth!


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