Sound Recording: “the reading”

Poets in our culture remaining entirely unremunerated, and the nether regions of patriarchal society not having lost, in 6,000 years of evolution, their degrading, dangerous and unacceptable expectations of any living creature within their purvue, this poet was first introduced to homelessness, with its attendant loss of (count ’em) 1500 pages of her unpublished early works, about a decade ago.

Only a handful of those works have been reconstructed — most of them remembered, to yours foolie’s astonishment, with virtually absolute accuracy.

Regarding this particular piece, however, first written at the age of twenty two, she has the creeping feeling that some few lines in it somewhere remain unrewritten…

Well, enough survives to give the general sense. Perhaps the rest will come back to her someday.

“the reading” (0:54):