For the Dour

For those envisioning the New Age
Full of pious and
Unhumorous examples
Of ascended fellowmen

Rigorous maintaining
Great sets limitation of:
No joking about colored skin
Lighting farts, or love

Nor yet a pratfall — fear the clown
Might get its feelings hurt
Though recompensed for falling down
Pays to remain alert,

You know, for any slightest
Evanescent possibility
Mistaken by the hearer
Might ones best intentions be —

I say to these: Go back, go back
Your isolated cloisters to
This world will never rue the lack
Of one joyless as you

Go back, go back — put on the veil
Which separates you sunlight from
Go back to rediscover
What we are evolving from

Go back to glancing nervously
Over your shoulder ‘ere you dare
To absolutely anything
With anything else aught compare

Go back to shallow judgments
To pursed lips, and plain attire
Since this be what your concept
Of dim holiness require

And leave us rest to really make
That joyful noise unto the Lord
Against express commandment
Two millennia you hoard

Go back to what is comfortable
Where your petty power lie
But do it quickly, so
The rest of us can pass you by

On our way to a little
Unaffected merriment —
Pray let us not distract you from
The mission upon which you seem bent

Someday when you have loosened up
Come back and pay a call —
ExLax dependent as you are
Right now you’re not much fun at all!


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