to the double personality

hey — nice to see you
for a minute
you almost never come out
for me anymore
unless someone’s watching

not enough to offer,
she thinks

you know you’re being used, right,
just to suck her victims back in for more?
soon as there’s one flash of soft white underbelly
you’re gone
right now this instant
more than gone
she gotta make up
for any good feelings you
went and created

you don’t have to look at it
not being there for the event

just roll over for it,
go ahead keepin’ on

think you gotta system

you forget who she is

moment she thinks she don’t need you,
think you’re ever coming out again?

think again
i know how these things go

i also know
you could be
should be
were born to be
the one in control

using her
instead of her
using you


it do that sometime


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