It’s Good To Want Success

It’s good to want success (whatever that may look like to you). In fact, it’s important to recognise what you truly want in life, and to go after it.

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4 thoughts on “It’s Good To Want Success

  1. Totally – totally true.

    Sometimes it just takes time to realise 1] what you are looking for, 2] to recognise your potential and 3] more importantly – understanding your worth, not the worth others place upon you, but your worth.

      • I can relate to that on so many levels Ana, for years the only way l could survive was to act the court jester, an act many said l was only gifted at. My own Father repeatedly laid claim to the fact that his Son was an arse, and trust me when l say he had no affection when he paid me that ‘compliment’ or expressed it to others!

        A sense of humour is a true art and crafted skill, that sadly many do not fully accept as being worthy – but the ability to laugh and especially at yourself allows you to exercise a peace into your own mentality, but above everything allows you to survive the onslaughts of much.


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