Make things happen

Are you an indolent person,
Or an action person?
Indolent people are losers;
Action people are winners;

Do you watch things happen
Or you make things happen?
Indolent people watch things happen;
Action people make things happen;
Those who watch things happen
Are losers;
Those who make things happen
Are winners.

Is your voice drowned
By the crowd
Or it rises above the crowd?
Those whose voices are drowned
By y the crowd,
Watch things happen;
They are followers;
Those whose voices rise above
The crowd
Make things happen;
They are leaders.

Don’t be an indolent person;
Don’t watch things happen;
Don’t let your voice be swallowed
By the crowd;
Be an action person;
Let your voice be heard above the crowd;
Make things happen.


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