Demonic Detonation

You’ve been invited to the Light
From the left and from the right
Pointed low and pointed high
Every possibility to try

Before regretful ultimate
Regretful more than can relate
But if you just refuse to Know
Going to have to let you go

For this is sure: you can’t stay here
In the increasing Light appear
Just exactly as you are:
Proponent of perpet’ual war

Suddenly the things you tried
Before, behind which promptly died
Any passing energies
Which did not your agenda please

Just aren’t working, simple fact
Suddenly your pathetic act
Isn’t catching those who stood
For the honest and the good

Ensnaring them to your foul plan
The tools with which you it began
Now failing all around you be
Your chance is to look here at me

Forsaking those you’ve spoken through
With whom you’ll have no more to do
By the power of my Word
Which by each person it be heard

Is known ever to be True
Including when it talks to you
Now hear, if you have ever heard,
This Living and redeeming Word:

Your present choice does not include
Reaffecting attitude
Of any person present here
Former made vuln’rable by Fear

Understood now it clearly be
There’s no harm which will come from me
Whom you held up so scarily
So there’d much unhappiness be

For you disgusting feed upon
You understand? The Light has won
The source of nourishment is gone
Which formerly you fed upon

A constructive place there be
For every single energy
By God created, and be none
Otherwise since was e’er begun

Any creation we may know
So you don’t really have to go
Blown to tiny smithereen
Unrecognizable as you have been

But if your choice is to stay here
There are some things should be made clear:
You will assume your proper place
Out of everybody’s face

Just as we always try to be
In copasthetic company
Don’t speak till there is something to
Contribute to the gen’ral view

Constructive and affirmative
Assisting others better live
Which means, in your capacity,
We will not very often be

Hearing from you at all, at all
Until we need upon you call
Dispatch some shadowy threat
To which compassion cannot get

Since there be less and less of these
It will both we and yourself please
Try it if you cannot think so —
Somewhat observantly to go

Learning in peace the ways of peace
Fcusing on your near release
To realms of happiness and love
You but suspect th’existence of

Now pay attention also to
This warning that I’m gifting you:
Abandoning this discipline
Will leave you Hell of hurting in

I won’t have anything to do
With what will happen next to you
And anybody playing host
At that moment to your ghost

It’s not just me that’s tired of you —
Attending heav’nly legions view
The bomb for you’s already set
Let’s see how far from it you get.


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