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My mind is so destructive sometimes,

I feel like I am going to steps forward,

And three steps back,

I am always suspicious of the fact,

That we are all different,

Makes me believe in superstition,

Why am I always bitchin’,

I can’t forget what I’ve been missing,

In loss for words when I am with the people I love,

I neither see them as a friend nor an enemy,

I see them as obstacles for what I fin to be,

I make lessons of being hurts,

Cause it pleases me,

I don’t see the real you for who you are,

I always see myself fall short,

It’s like I’m Scar,

How did this get this far,

I am not in control of my life,

I am stuck in the jar,

I am lazy I know,

I want to go back to who I was befoe’,

I can’t take the pain no mo,

I am happy right now,

Because of flow,

Life truly ain’t always what it seems,

When you’re pushed back be leen,

Be what you are because who you are,

Is always better than pretending to be what you want to be,

There will always be pain,

But your suffering does not have to be the same,

I am crashing this airplane,

Believing in a better life from once I came,

I am not me feeling the blame,

One step further on my lane,

Don’t rush the future it will come whenever it will,

I am sure you will make it,





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