Happily in Beauty Go

There was indeed a time when I
Would try to make myself as small
As’t took to please another —
But that didn’t work at all

Yes, in some near-forgotten day
Gone, I happy am to say
Long ago and far away
I “feminine” attempted play:

How to present self soothingly
Take on the role peacemaker of
What was it Men would want to see
What to them represented love?

But now I wear what I’ve desired
To wear since I was but a child
By none but my own soul inspired
Swirling skirts in colors wild

Scarves and bells and bangles so
I happily in beauty go
According my own definition to:
Often makes people smile to view!

To walk in comfort here to there
I don’t own any underwear
And shave all my head’s stupid hair
Until there isn’t any there

Except some velvet-feeling fuzz
Why do I so? So do because
It feels so marvelously good —
I’ll bet sometimes you wish you could

And then, displeased your hairline by
Determine, like myself, to try
Th’effect of putting a tattoo
Flattering frame the features to

All along the hairline from
Curliques each ear before
Which wavy lines and stars become
Curving the glowing forehead o’er

These days, if you by any chance
Give me less than is my due,
Without even a second glance
I promptly walk away from you

And — you know what? It’s strange to tell
When I was bending backwards to
Get other folk to treat me well
I often couldn’t get them to

But these days I more promptly move
Inaccuracies to refute —
Self examined men now prove
To think I’m awful cute

One even said the other day —
To any woman’s heart a treat
No matter how much truth she say —
He thought that I was sweet

Those are the only kind of men
I even talk to any more
I was just wasting time back then
On those I tried to please before


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